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Guidence for NJLS and LSB

Manuscripts Submission

The manuscript must be submitted with a cover letter to the Chief Editor by e-mail submission at Any query regarding the preparation & submission of a manuscript to the journal should be addressed via contact us. English is the official language of the journal. Submission of research paper implies that it has not been previously published and it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. The management committee/editorial board assume no responsibility for the statement and opinions advanced by the author(s).

Corresponding authors must declare that the manuscript is submitted on behalf of all authors. Copyright belongs to the publisher upon acceptance of the manuscript. The rejected manuscript will not be returned to the authors. The management does not accept responsibility for any type of damage or loss of manuscript, suggesting to keep a copy for your record.


Manuscript PresentationThe manuscript must be original and written in English. Authors are requested to follow the format for sending the manuscript. The original research paper/review articles are categorized separately in this journal. The full-length paper should not exceed ten double-spaced typed pages (A4 size) with wide margins on both sides, whereas, short communication should not exceed by three pages. The manuscript must be prepared in English using “MS Word”. The font should be “Times New Roman” and font size should be 12pt throughout the manuscript and main heading and subheadings should in bold. The article should have the following sections: Title page, Abstract, Keywords (maximum 5 words in Italic), Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgments (if any) and References. The sections should be subdivided as 1, 1.1, 2, 2.1, 2.2, etc.


Title: The title should be followed by the author’s name, the author’s affiliations, and address. In cases more than two authors, superscripts must be used to indicate the affiliations of each author. The title page should contain the title of the paper in bold, title case, names of the authors in normal, upper case (font size 12) followed by the address(es) in lower case. An asterisk (*) must be placed after the corresponding author's name as superscript whose email id, fax, the phone number can be given. The corresponding author has the responsibility to ensure that all co-authors are aware and approve the contents of the submitted manuscript.


Abstract: This section should detail the problems, experimental approach, major findings and conclusion in one paragraph and should appear on the second page. Avoid abbreviation, diagram, and references in the abstract. It should be double-spaced and should not exceed 250 words for full papers.


Keywords: Should not exceed 5 keywords.


Introduction: Brief description limited aims, finding, and investigations. It should state the purpose/objectives of the study and relate to similar previous research.


Materials and Methods: This section must contain specific details about the materials studied, instruments used, specialized chemical source and related experimental details which allows another research worker to reproduce the results. Obtain permission for all fully borrowed, adapted, and modified tables and provide a credit line in the footnote. The statistical methods used should be clearly stated. Date/period of the study should be mentioned.


Results and Discussion: Should preferably be combined or separate based on authors requirement. The results should be concisely presented by tables/illustrations. Only the necessary tables and figures should be given. Data emerging out from the study should be included, arranged and statistically analyzed with significance. The same data should not be presented both in Tabular and Graphic forms. Tables, graphs, and figures (illustrations and photos) should be inserted into the main text at the respective place they should appear when published and should have appropriate numbers and titles with an explanatory heading. The lengthy, confusing and irrelevant discussion should be scrupulously avoided. The table(s) and plate(s)/figure(s) be attached/separately after the list of references. Labels on the table, graph and figures MUST be in the text form and should not form part of the image. Colour photographs and illustrations (line drawings, halftones, photos, photomicrographs, etc.) must be original, clean and sharp digital files.


Conclusion: The author should conclude the finding accordingly.


Acknowledgment: Should be brief and specific and must be kept after the reference section. The section should not include the sponsor, donated resources or agency of the project.


Reference format (NJLS):

References should be complete and cited as the name of author, year, title, journal, volume number, and pages. Use standard abbreviation of the journal(s). The reference list should be in alphabetical order. Only relevant references are desirable. References should be given in the following style:


Pandey, B.N; Singh, Shivesh Pratap and Singh Rashmi (2010). Sustainable management and conservation of biodiversity  Narendra Publishing House, Delhi.

Chapter in Book

Tandon, Richa; Singh, Rashmi; Dwivedi, V.K and Tiwari, G.L (2010) In Sustainable management and conservation of biodiversity  (Eds. Pandey, B.N; Singh, Shivesh Pratap, and Singh Rashmi) Narendra Publishing House, Delhi. pp.1-24


Srivastava, S.M; Singh, Shivesh Pratap, and Pandey, A.K (2013). Age and growth of threatened feather back Notopterus notopterus in Gomti river Lucknow. Natl. J. Life Sci., 10(1): 121-127.

Reference format (LSB):


Pandey, B.N; Singh, Shivesh Pratap and Singh Rashmi (2010). Sustainable management and conservation of biodiversity  Narendra Publishing House, Delhi.


Singh, Shivesh Pratap and Singh Rashmi (2007). Life Sci. Bull., 4(1&2) : 113-120.

The covering letter bearing only the:

Title in capital letter

Running title of not more than sixty characters included space

Name and designation of corresponding author (s)

Mobile Number, Postal address and email address of corresponding author (s)




(All our Members, Authors and Readers)

  1. For publication, the manuscript in duplicate along with the CD disk (not in Floppy disk) should be submitted to Dr Shivesh Pratap Singh, Chief Editor (NJLS), 34, Prabhat Vihar, Satna (M.P.) 485001 preferably by registered / Speed post. Further, the management does not take responsibility for any type of damage or loss of the manuscript.

  2. Paper should be sent via Associate Editors or Members of the Editorial Advisory Board along with their comments/suggestions (if any) for publication, however, the Chief Editor may get it re-reviewed if desired so.

  3. To share the responsibility of publication of papers, the author(s) is advised to become the member of the journal at the time of submission of the paper(s).

  4. To avoid delay, please send a letter of consent from the co-author(s) for the publication of the paper.

  5. The authors / co-authors are advised to send the reprint cost as soon as they receive the acceptance letter.

  6. Payments are to be made through Bank draft only, in the name of "National Journal of Life Sciences" or "Society of Life Sciences", payable at any Nationalised Bank of Satna (M.P.) and not in the personal name of the editor(s).

  7. The Annual membership of the Journal is for the calendar year.

  8. This biannual journal is published in summer (June) and winter (December) for free circulation among its members.

  9. Individual subscribers are requested to please give their home address for safe delivery of the journal.

  10. Any change in address may please be notified at the earliest to the Managing Editor to avoid the non-receipt of the NJLS.

Download Instruction for Authors 



Instruction for Authors

Submit Manuscript

Manuscript in duplicate, one original and xerox should be submitted along with declaration form to Dr. Shivesh P. Singh, Chief Editor on the address of editorial office The soft copy can be sent by email or submitted online.

Editorial office: 34, Prabhat Vihar, Panna Road, SATNA - 485 001 (M.P.)

Mob: 098270 63262                           


Author Contributions:

Processing or submission Fees: NIL

Publication Charges: At least one author must be member/subscriber of the journal. There will be no printing charges but nominal price of twenty reprints is compulsory. 


Area of Publication:

Life Sciences: Animal Sciences, Biology, Zoology, Developmental Biology, Physiology, Anatomy, Structural Biology, Cell Biology, Neurobiology, Botany, Ethno-Medicines, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Genomics and Proteomics, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Medical Sciences, Nanotechnology, Immunology, Molecular Biology & Genetics, Pathology, Entomology, Cytology, Bioinformatics, Agriculture, Food Technology, Food Science, Bio-Chemistry, Biotechnology, Cryobiology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Toxicology, Veterinary Sciences, Anaesthesiology, Cardiology, Cardiovascular medicine Ethno-biology, Forestry Sciences, Forensic Sciences, Genetic Engineering, Home Sciences, Atmospheric science, Earth, Geochemistry, Geography, Geology, and etc.

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