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Editor's Desk

Chief Editor (Hony.)

Dr. Shivesh P. Singh

M.Phil., Ph.D., D.Sc.

F.A.E.B., F.Z.S.I., F.S.B., F.S.L.Sc.

Prof. & Head, Dept. of Zoology

Govt. Autonomous P.G. College, Satna (M.P.)






             The National Journal of Life Sciences (NJLS) and Life Science Bulletin (LSB) publishes reviews on the research paper in any area of Life-sciences although the journal welcomes the paper from any area. The main idea behind the publications is to give an opportunity to the young researchers of less developed/less exposed areas.

   Therefore, under the auspices of the Society for Life Sciences,fellowship/membership/awards are also given to the senior and young researchers to boost their zeal for their quality research works and papers published/presented on National/International platforms.


              The main areas in which original and good research paper are invited 

1. Animal Sciences: Including Embryology, Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Bioengineering, Biotechnology, Molecular and Micro zoology, Cytogenetics, Evolution, Ecology, Environmental Zoology, Taxonomical and Behavioral Zoology, Ethnozoology, Physical Anthropology, Statistical Zoology, and Nano zoology.

2. Agricultural Sciences: Including Agriculture, Agronomy, Horticulture, Agricultural Toxicology, Animal Husbandry, Agricultural Engineering, Fisheries, Forestry, Soil Sciences, Plant-Regeneration and Protection, Post-Harvest Technology and Agro-statistics.

3. Medical and Forensic Sciences: Basic and clinical medical sciences, Pharmacology, Medical Anthropology, Psychology, and Cognitive sciences, Human genetics, Forensic sciences, Reproductive biology, Neurosciences, Alternative medicine, Para-medical science, Rehabilitation and Trauma management, Molecular medicine and Diagnostics, Pathological Sciences.

4. Plant Sciences: Including Embryological, Developmental, Morphological, Anatomical, Physiological, Biochemical, Biophysical, Bioengineering, Biotechnological, Molecular and Micro botany, Cytogenetical, Ethno-botanical, Evolutionary, Ecological, Environmental, Taxonomical and Statistical Botany.


           Parts from aforesaid areas paper of wide interdisciplinary approach are also welcomed. The emphasis must be on innovative research of immediate or long terms impact. Philosophical and hypothetical works may also be published, if having a sound base of support from statistically examined postulates with good reasoning and extrapolation of the information/data available. Even negation of hypothesis/postulates are also worth publishing but must be evidenced with supported by proved facts/results.

           Articles on policy research, scientific and technological development issues, scientific and technological management concerned with Life-Sciences invites special attention of our readership; necessary to initiate discussion on relevant and current aspects of science-society interaction. Not only this, the science education and communication are the emerging areas of research where team view is required to reach a consensus as pragmatic approach to cope up with the many problems of science education could only be evolved through participatory observations and group discussion. Therefore, such views/opinions/research results are most welcomed to help the scientific managers/science communicators in developing new methods of spreading science awareness.

          Articles on new/emerging areas are also of vital importance as they are proved to be the trendsetter. Such fields are medication remedies, Astrology, Cyber sensing, Cyber vision, Health-geography, Chip-therapy, etc.

           Thus, we appeal to our viewers and readers to help us in improving the status of publication by contributing their scientifically valuable articles in consonance with the aforesaid objectives, views, and motive of publication.

           Thank you and best wishes.

Dr. Shivesh Pratap Singh

Chief Editor

Society of Life Sciences

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