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Year: 2016, Issue: June

Embryonic development of two carp species with response to varied water temperature and breeding season under Tarai conditions of Uttarakhand.


Deepak Joshi, R. N. Ram, Mohd. Danish, Mahima Tamta and Pawan Kumar Joshi


Embryonic development, Hatching, Breeding season and Carps.
The present study was designed to assess effect of water temperature on the embryonic development of Rohu (Labeo rohita) and Grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) during late breeding season under tarai conditions of Uttarakhand. The present study dealt with the morphological aspects of the embryonic stages along with the effect of temperature on the embryonic development. Fishes were induced and eggs were fertilized at natural atmospheric conditions and fertilization was carried out at ambient temperature (28�C) and was considered as '0 hour' of embryonic development. Fertilized eggs incubated at two different water temperatures (i.e. 20�C and 35�C) until hatching. Developmental stages were monitored by sampling embryos in different temperatures at particular intervals. The present finding clearly demonstrated that the incubation temperature significantly influences hatching duration, hatching rate and survival of eggs of both L.rohita and C.idella. The present study also revealed that the embryonic development of eggs during high temperature, i.e. ambient temperature was faster than low temperature. It also revealed that during late breeding season, the development rate of eggs of L.rohita is more when compared to the development rate of eggs of C.idella.

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