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Year: 2016, Issue: June

Incidence of rice yellow stem borer, Scripophaga incertulas (Walker) and its correlation with abiotic factors in agro-climatic conditions of Manipur.


Surbala Yumnam, Thounaojam Maipakpi Chanu, K. I. Singh and D. C. Ray


Seasonal incidence, Scirpophaga incertulas, Abiotic factors, Kharif rice, Manipur.
The incidence of Scirpophaga incertulas (Lepidoptera : Pyralidae) and its correlation with meteorological parameters were evaluated on the two rice varieties, RCM-9 and Jatra-phou in two study sites viz., Iroisemba and Wabagai during Kharif season, 2013-2014. The results revealed that the maximum adult (1.3�0.30 nos/quadrat) and larval (1.9�0.53 nos/hill) population incidences were recorded on the RCM-9 variety during the mid of September and 1st week of September,2014; respectively from Wabagai site, which was higher than Iroisemba site. Multiple correlations were indicated that all the abiotic factors proved non-significant correlation with the adult population on both the varieties in both the study sites. However, all the abiotic factors indicated significant correlation with the larval population on both the rice varieties in Wabagai site. Further, partial correlation (t-test) showed positive significant effect with average temperature (�C) and sunshine (hrs) to the adult population on Jatra-phou variety. Again, positive significant effect with average relative humidity (%) and sunshine to the larval population on RCM-9 in Iroisemba site and negative but significant effect with average temperature on both the rice varieties in Wabagai site.

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