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Year: 2016, Issue: June

Ecological observations on soil inhabiting microarthropods in forest and agroecosystem of Cachar district, Assam.


D. C. Ray and Rajeeb Chetia Pator


Microarthropods, Diversity index, Evenness index, Oribatid, Collembola.
Soil microarthropods play a vital role in nutrient cycling process, thereby maintains the soil health. This specific study was carried out to investigate the ecology of soil inhabiting microarthropods in forest and agroecosystem (vegetable field) of Cachar district, Assam. Soil samples were collected (January,2014 to April,2014) at ten days interval from both the study sites. The study revealed that a total of 10 groups of microarthropods were abundant in both the ecosystems. Out of those, Collembola and Oribatid mites were the dominant group in both the investigated areas. The peak population of total microarthropods group in agricultural field was recorded in the 3rd sampling in January,2014 (39.5�31.36 No/m2 X 1002) whereas in forest during 5th sampling in February,2014 (4.64�0.26 No/m2 X 1002). Shannon-Wiener Diversity index (H) on agricultural field was found to be higher during 9th sampling in March,2014 (1.65) and on forest ecosystem during 8th sampling in March,2014 (2.55). The Pielou's index of evenness (J') was found to be higher in the 11th sampling in April,2014 (0.86) on agricultural field whereas in forest during 8th sampling, the same was higher in March,2014 (0.90). Linear regression analysis showed that only soil temperature in agricultural field (r=0.66, p<0.05) and soil pH in forest ecosystem had significant influence (r=0.66, p

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