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Year: 2016, Issue: December

Attiture of shrimp farmers towards Better Management Practices (BMPS) in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh.


Yarrakula Mahesh Babu, S. S. Dana, H. K. De, Sanjeev Kumar and Bhanu Prakash


Vannamei farming, BMPs, Attitude.
Shrimp industry in India is now mostly dependent on Vannamei. Constant growth of aquaculture production in recent years would contribute to reducing the fishing pressure on natural fish stock. But, due to diseases and poor farm management by the farmers resulted low production at farmers' door. As a result, there is a prevailing need of preventing the diseases. So, Better Management Practices (BMPs) came into the picture. Implementing BMPs is a prerequisite for prevention of outbreak of diseases and to get better yield. Keeping these facts in mind this study was conducted to find out the factors influencing the attitude of shrimp farmers about Better Management Practices. This study was conducted in the predominant shrimp farming district i.e. Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh. A total of 150 shrimp farmers were selected from the district by using simple random sampling technique. The data were collected with the help of structured interview schedule. The study revealed that over one third (36.67%) of the respondents had showed less favourable attitude about Better Management Practices in Vannamei cultivation followed by 35.33% had showed moderately favourable attitude and only 22.33% had showed more favourable attitude. Correlation analysis revealed that, age, education, annual income, annual expenditure, material possession, social participation, mass media participation, cosmopoliteness, extension agency contact, innovative proneness, credit orientation, value orientation, risk orientation and economic motivation were significantly correlated with the attitude. Multiple regression analysis showed that six variables namely occupation, annual income, annual expenditure, social participation, extension agency contact and credit orientation were significantly influenced variation in attitude of farmers and they contributed 59% variation in explaining the variability in the attitude of the shrimp farmers towards the better management practices.

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