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Year: 2015, Issue: June

Enhancement is seed and oil yield of Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L. Czern & Coss) by growing Raj Vijay mustard-2.


V. K. Tiwari


Medium maturing, Medium seed, Moderately resistant to white rust.
A mustard variety RVM-2 has been identified on the bases of four years seed and oil yield testing data under AICRP-R&M trials. Developed medium duration variety is suitable as - a sole crop, after bajra and early soybean. Its average four year's seed yield (1674 kg/h) showed 9.41%, superiority over best check Navgold and also exhibited 12.2% and 47.4% superiority over Kranti and Vardan; whereas oil yield (654 kg/h) indicated 8.0%, 12.0% and 44.0% superiority over best check Navgold, Kranti and Vardan respectively. It matures in 129 days under late sown conditions. A dull brown colour seed with 1000 seed weight was found 4.0 (g) which is marginally less than Navgold (4.4 g) and shows superiority over Kranti (3.2 g) and Vardan (3.2 g). Higher seed yield was recorded at 125% fertility level of the recommended dose. The yield superiority was 18.47%, 6.72% and 5.99% on the basis of mean seed yield over varieties namely; Vardan, Navgold and Kranti. Mean oil content 39.2% is slightly more than the best check Navgold (39.0%). Whereas, the mean oil yield 654 (kg/h) was obtained which is higher than Navgold (607 kg/h), Kranti (584 kg/ h) and Vardan (455 kg/h). Thus, this variety has shown moderate resistance to white rust and less infestation to Aphids.

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