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Year: 2015, Issue: December

Effect of cryofreezed sperm on spawing response of Cyprinus carpio communis and Cyprinus carpio Haematopterus during normal and late breeding season under Tarai region of Uttarakhand.


Adita Sharma, R. N. Ram, Shiv Prasad and J. K. Prasad


Common carp, Amur carp, Normal and Late breeding season.
The present study was conducted for comparison of cryofreezed sperm and corresponding embryonic development, viability and fertilizing capacity in fish Common carp (Cyprinus carpio) and its strain Amur carp (Cyprinus carpio haematopterus) during normal and late breeding season under Tarai conditions of Uttarakhand. The present observation reveals that there is difference in embryonic development in both the seasons for different proportion of extender and cryoprotectant solution. In case of Amur carp, the combination of TRIS+DMSO+Glucose showed normal embryonic development where as comparatively better result was observed in RPMI+DMSO and late embryonic development was in PBS+DMSO treatment group in normal breeding season as well as in late breeding season. In case of common carp in normal breeding season, better embryonic development was shown in PBS+DMSO followed by TRIS+DMSO+Glucose and by RPMI+DMSO respectively. In late breeding seasons, TRIS+DMSO+Glucose gave better result while comparison to other groups in common carp. The result also reveals that sperm of Amur carp diluted with RPMI+DMSO have better post thaw motility, fertilization and hatching rate in both normal and late breeding season. Sperm of Common carp diluted with PBS+DMSO showed better result in normal season and TRIS+ DMSO+Glucose showed better result in late breeding season. The comparison between embryonic development of Common carp with Amur carp showed significant difference being better in Amur carp by reference of motility, fertility and hatching percentage in comparison of common carp which might be due to the fact that reproductive capacity of Amur carp is higher than that of common carp. These observations indicate that Amur strain of common carp is suitable for replacing the Common carp in favorable conditions by virtue of its better reproductive potential.

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