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Year: 2015, Issue: December

Evaluation of growth promoting potential of probiotic biosyn in fingerlings of Indian major carp Labeo rohita.


Iqra Nazir, Priyanka Arya and R. S. Chauhan


Specific growth rate, Feed conversion ratio, Condition factor, Probiotic, Biosyn.
The present study was carried out to evaluate growth promoting effect of commercial probiotic Biosyn on the fingerlings of Indian major carp, Labeo rohita. The fingerlings weighing 7.239�0.232 g were distributed randomly into four treatment groups T , T , T and T of 15 fishes each in triplicate. Four Isoproteinous experimental diets 0 1 2 3 were prepared by mixing rice bran, deoiled mustard oil cake, deoiled soybean cake and vitamin-mineral mixture. The probiotic Biosyn was incorporated into diet D @ 0.2%, D @ 0.4% and D @ 0.6%. In control diet D , Biosyn was not in- 1 2 3 0 corporated. T group fishes were fed with D diet, T with D , T with D , T with D @ 5% body weight per day for 90 0 0 1 1 2 2 3 3 days. The water quality parameters were regularly monitored. Fingerlings fed with diet D achieved higher specific 3 growth rate (SGR 0.648%), gross conversion efficiency (GCE 0.299), condition factor (CF 1.91) and better feed conversion ratio (FCR 3.255) as compared to other treatments. The obtained results indicated that T was the best treat- 3 ment which realized significant (P

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