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Year: 2015, Issue: December

Monthly variations in physico-chemical parameters of water of protected wetland, Bakhira lake, Sant Kabir Nagar (Uttar Pradesh), India.


A. K. Pandey and Prakash Chandra


Physico-chemical parameters, Protected water body, Bakhira lake, Sant Kabir Nagar, India.
Colour, odour, temperature, pH, salinity, dissolved oxygen (DO) and carbon-di-oxide (DCO ), biologi- 2 cal oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), conductivity, total dissolved solids (TDS), total solids (TS), dissolved solids (DS), suspended solids (SS), fixed solids (FS), volatile solids (VS), chloride, phosphate, sulphate, nitrate, total nitrogen (TN), fluoride as well as oil and grease contents of the protected Bakhira lake water were recorded during March,2013-February,2015. Temperature of lake water ranged between 20.1�0.2-34.8�0.5�C with minimum in January and maximum in June. pH of the lake water varied between 7.23�0.3-9.03�0.2, salinity 0.18-0.20 ppt with maximum value during March and July, dissolved oxygen (DO) fluctuated between 5.02�0.2-6.20�0.4 mg/l and dissolved carbon-di-oxide (DCO ) from 11.2�0.3 to 12.9�0.4 mg/l with low values during winter months. BOD of the 2 lake water ranged between 6.5�2.4-12.4�2.4 mg/l and COD 17.6�4.1-57.7�4.06 mg/l. Conductivity of the water ranged between 212.6�4.6-371�7.2 ?S/cm. TDS of the water ranged between 152.5�3.5-326.3�3.5 mg/l with the high values during June-October, TS 160.0�0.34-312.0�0.34 mg/l with high value in August whereas DS between 144.0�0.34- 266.0� 0.34 mg/l, the high values in June and August. SS in the lake water varied between 4.0�0.34-44.0�0.34 mg/l with the lowest value in May and highest in August, FS 104.0 (December)-252.0 mg/l (August) while VS 40.0 (December)- 72.0 mg/l (January). Chloride content of the water ranged from 8.0�0.01 (May) to 19.0�0.01 mg/l (January), phosphate from <0.003�0.01 to 0.39�0.01 mg/l during the period with high values in May and low in January whereas sulphate from 2.90�0.09-16.2�0.09 mg/l. Nitrate content of the lake water ranged from <1.00�0.06-4.25�0.06 mg/l while total nitrogen between 3.04�0.09-10.08�0.09 mg/l. Fluoride content of the lake water ranged from 0.30�0.05 to 1.54�0.09 mg/l and oil and grease

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