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Year: 2019, Issue: June

Variation in host-pathogen interactions and phenotypic characteristic of Colletotrichum gloeosporiodes isolates.
R. Udhayakumar, K. Rajamohan, R. Sutha Raja Kumar, S. Sanjay Gandhi, L. Vengadesh Kumar and M. Thamarai Selvi
Colletotrichum gloeosporioides, Pathogenicity variation, Morphological and cultural characteristics.
Pathogenicity variation, morphological and cultural characteristic of C.gloeosporioides isolates were studied under in vitro condition. The level of pathogenicity varied between the isolates, among the ten isolates of C.gloeosporioides, the isolate I10 recorded the maximum disease incidence of 30.66% in spray inoculation method, 37.73% in detached leaf technique and 60.12% in pin prick method. In morphological and cultural characteristic study, the isolates of C.gloeosporioides showed variation with respect to colony colour. The colour of the isolates varied from normal white to light grey, grayish brown, grayish white, pinkish and pinkish brown. Among the isolates of C.gloeosporioides, the maximum mycelial growth (90.00 mm) was recorded by the isolates I3 and I10 followed by I5 recorded 89.10 mm each at 7th days after inoculation. The minimum mycelial growth (21.68 mm) was recorded in I8. All the isolates of C.gloeosporioides varied in their ability to produce conidia on PDA. The maximum conidial population was recorded in I10 (14.16x106 conidia ml-1) also the acervuli production was excellent. This was followed by I6 recorded 12.10x106. The minimum conidial population (01.98x106) and poor acervuli production was recorded in I8.

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