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Year: 2018, Issue: December

Icthyofaunal diversity in Bori river of Dhule district (M.S.).
S. A. Patil and A. T. Kalse and D. R. Patil
Silkworm, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Body weight, Gland weight, Silk gland, Tissue somatic index.
Sericulture has the high commercial value has gained popularity and is getting expanded to most of the states of the country. By viewing its importance M6DPC one larval variety of silkworms was taken for the experiment. It was observed that with the application of vitamin-C in the food supplement, the body weight and gland weight increased, when compared to control. The tissue somatic index also increased significantly indicating the necessity of vitamin C requirement, as the nutritional status of the host leaf declined due to environmental alternations. From this observation, it can be concluded that vitamin C supplement in the food is required for better body growth of the larvae and silk gland and this vitamin C should be only given for 2nd days and not more than that, as higher doses lower the body weight and silk gland weight and TSI in the exposed larvae. Vitamin E application to the host leaf did not give a positive result. Rather the body weight, silk gland tissue weight and gland tissue somatic index of vitamin E exposed larvae decreased when compared to control and significantly depleted when compared to vitamin C exposed larvae. The data showed a typical increment in the body weight, gland weight and tissue somatic index during the developmental period in both control and vitamin E exposed larvae. But from the observed data, it was not possible to recommend vitamin E supplement in the food as all important parameters decreased, after application of vitamin E, when compared to control and vitamin C.

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