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Year: 2018, Issue: December

Studies on some aspects of bioenergetics in a fresh water air breathing fish, Channa gachua (Ham.) : Dry weight gain Vs. oxygen consumption.
Vineet Kumar and Vijay Kumar
Callosobruchus maculatus Fab., Susceptibility, F1 progeny, Growth index, Gram varieties.
Callosobruchus maculatus (Fab.) is the most important and cosmopolitan pest not only for gram varieties but also on other several pulses. Severe losses are noted both in the field and storage due to pulse beetle. Damage is quite variable and also depends on varieties of pulse grains. Sometimes even up to 100% loss occurs in more susceptible variety in pest attack. Present study was carried on, to investigate the susceptibility of nine gram varieties viz. KWR-108, RSG-44, KGD-1252, DCP 92-3, KPM-236, KGD-1247, KPM-248, SLR-21, KGD-1168 to pulse beetle. Callosobruchus maculatus Fab. Susceptibility was assessed on the basis of growth index; F progeny and index of 1 susceptibility. Result indicated that the variety with lower growth index had lower F progeny and also lower index of 1 susceptibility and vice versa. The variety KPM-236 was found least resistant against C.maculates Fab. with maximum growth index (6.20), maximum F progeny (62.78) and maximum index of susceptibility (7.89), while DCP 92-3 was 1 found most resistant with minimum growth index (3.50), F progeny (10.41) and index of susceptibility (3.11).

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