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Year: 2017, Issue: June

Designed diet mediated alleviation of haemoglobin level and health status of anaemic patients.
Smriti Bajpai, Vivek Choudhary, Aruna Kumar Tripathy and Gopal Krishna Sahu
Anaemia, Body mass index, Diet, Haemoglobin.
Anaemia is the most common disorder of the blood characterized by reduction in hameglobin level. The disease can be treated through the administration of various drugs. Dietary changes are considered one of the treatments for anaemia. In this work the effect of designed diet on the haemoglobin level and health status of anaemic subjects has been studied. One group of anaemic subjects was treated with only drug and the second group was treated with prescribed drug as well as designed diet simultaneously. The body mass index of drug treated subjects increased from low to normal in case of 17% of the subjects after 60th days treatment where as the BMI shifted to normal value in case of 61% of subjects treated with drug and diet simultaneously. The haemoglobin level of 49% drug treated subjected increased (mean concentration 8.12 g/dl) after 60th days treatment. However, in case of both drug and diet treated subjects the haemoglobin level increased to normal range (mean concentration 10.24 g/dl) in case of 78% subjects after the same period of treatment. Thus the findings of these studies on various health aspects and the effect of diet on elevation of Hb level warrants a screening programme for identifying the anaemic person belonging to various socio-economic groups and the identified anaemic persons may be recommended the designed diet to bring the level of haemoglobin to non-anaemic level.

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