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Year: 2017, Issue: December

Optimization of parameters affecting production of ethanol from waste potatoes.
Enkuahone Abeba and R. Srinu Venkat Rao
Ethanol, Waste potatoes, Fermentation, Yeast, Hydrolysis, Anaerobic.
Waste disposal has become one of the major concerns for nation. Waste potatoes are the major solid by product now a day's especially in marketing area and farming area. The dried waste potatoes have a content of cellulose and hemicelluloses, which make it suitable as fermentation substrate when hydrolyzed for ethanol production. The research was done on the production of ethanol from waste potato for ethanol production and parameter test based on varying yeast amount, acid concentration, growth media, pH, temperature, fermentation time and other parameters. Generally it was concluded that, Ethanol production from waste potato was increases with the increase in temperature and reaches maximum value at 35�C. Further the increasing temperature reduces the percentage of ethanol production and it is mainly due to the denature of the yeast cells and ethanol concentration gradually increases along with the increase in pH and reaches a maximum percentage of ethanol production when pH is equal to 5.55 and later it starts declining due to the lesser activity of yeast. When concentration of yeast increases, the yield of ethanol increase up to 19% (w/w) and then it starts to decrease and ethanol has cloudy color and alcohol content was increased with the increase in fermentation time and reaches maximum value for 70 hours and it starts decreases. Therefore; the optimized conditions of waste potato flour were of temperature 35�C, pH 5.55 and the time 70 hours which gave maximum ethanol yield of 50% (w/w).

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