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Year: 2017, Issue: December

Helminth parasites of sheep and goats from Marathwada region.
Nitin Padwal, Atul Humbe and Swati Jadhav
Sheep, Goats, Gastro-intestinal tract, Helminth parasites.
In most sheep and goat raising areas, internal helminth parasites are usually the primary disease affecting sheep and goats with their lambs and cubes, these animals are very susceptible to internal helminth parasites rather than other types of farm livestock. Their small fecal pellets disperse easily thus releasing the different worms larvae on the respective patterns of sheep and goats, where these grazing very close to the soil substance and to their faces. As we know they are slow to acquire to immunity. Mean while it takes to 9-11 months to most lambs and cubs to develop their immunity to parasites. Sheep and goats even suffer a loss of immunity during lambing and cubing which does not compensate itself until 25-30th days after their lambing and cubing, so as to percept the causes of infection and their diseases of various helminth form have been noticed specially in Capra hircus (L.) and Ovis bharal (L.) from Aurangabad region however some of these even infect to human beings the common prevalence of cestode parasites such as Moniezia benedini, Moniezia capari, Stilesia globipunctata, Stilesia govindae, Avitellina nagabhushamii, Avitellina goughi, Aliezia aurangabadensis, Aliezia indica, Trematodes Fasciola hepatica, Cotylophoron cotylophorum, Paramphistomum bothriophoron, Nematode Oesophagostomum columbianum, Oesophagostomum asperum, Bunostomum trigonocephalum.

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