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Year: 2017, Issue: December

Influence of pH and temperature on colour stability of flower.
S. P. Adhikary
Flavonoids, Pigments, pH, Anthocyanids, Co-pigments.
The flower constitutes flavonoid pigments. Flavonoids belong to the polyphenol group, which includes so many colouring pigments i.e. the anthocyanidin, flavones, flavanones, flavonols, etc. Anthocyanin is among the permitted pigments that can be used for food colourants and having been considered a potential replacement for synthetic dye. Some other flavonoids also enhance the colour of the anthocyanin as co-pigment. The objective of this study is to analyze the effect of pH and temperature on flower pigments and their associated phytochemicals of fully opened flower (S-4) petals of R.indica, H.rosasinensis, C.ternatea and M.jalapa. The experimental results noticed that the residual colour stability of floral pigment altered at different pH and temperature with incubation period. The stability of floral colour pigments gradually decreased with increase of incubation period of petal extract of test flowers. Fifty percent stability of floral pigment was recorded on 20th, 18th, 16th and 14th days after storage of extracts in C.ternatea, R.indica, H.rosasinensis and M.jalapa respectively. Among the test flowers the stability of residual colour was found to be the highest in C.ternatea followed by R.indica, H.rosasinensis and M.jalapa. The degradation of colour stability exhibited negative correlation with increase in storage day. The procurement of color pigments from petal of the flower at appropriate pH and temperature is highly essential for further processing and manipulation through screening and evaluation. Pigment manipulation and utilization in the field of food industry for sustainable health aspects, natural dye industries and pharmaceutical products provides a beam of light for alternatives technology for better green environment

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