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Year: 2016, Issue: December

Effect of probiotic supplementation on performance of lactating buffaloes.
Ramesh Kumar Mishra, R. P. S. Baghel and Pawan Sirothiya
Probiotic, Performance, Buffalo, Saccharomyces cervisiae.
A study was undertaken to see the effect of probiotic supplementation on performance of lactating buffaloes in farmers feeding and management conditions. The 12 early lactating Murrha buffalos of 3rd lactation were selected on the basis of body weight, milk yield and milk fat percentage. Buffaloes were randomly divided into 2 groups of 6 buffaloes in each group. In group-I (FP) : Rroutine farmer's practiced was considered as control. The buffaloes were fed wheat straw 6.5 kg+12 kg green berseem+1.5 kg concentrate for mentinance+concentrate approximately half of the milk yield in this group. In buffaloes of group II (PS) : Addition of commercially available probiotic Saccharomyces cervisiae (Yea-Sac1026) yiest @ dose rate 10 g per animal per day as probiotic in group-1 (FP) diet was made for the period of four months. The data revealed that reduction in body weight during the experimental period was greater in FP (7.91 kg) than those belonged to probiotic supplemented (PS) group (2.48 kg). The dry matter intake (DMI) was differ non significantly (P<0.05) during the experimental period among the buffaloes of both the groups. The milk production in PS group was recorded as 8.46 liters per day than those raised in FP group in which 8.21 liters per day yield was recorded. The change in production during the experiment from their initial yield was 7.63 % and 3.92 % in PS and FP group of buffaloes which was significantly (P<0.05) higher in PS group. The insignificant (P<0.05) improvement in chemical composition of milk in the buffaloes of PS group was noticed due to treatment. The heamatobiochemical parameters were higher in buffaloes of PS group than buffaloes fed on FP group at end of experiment. Significant change in blood glucose and serum total protein ware noticed in buffaloes supplemented with probiotic than buffaloes raised on farmers practice of feeding. The significant change in serum Ca and P were also recorded at the end of experiment in buffaloes PS group. The study can be concluded that supplementation of probiotic (Saccharomyces cervisiae) was helpful in improving the performance of lactating buffaloes and found economical because of significant increase in milk production per day in present conditions of farmer practice.

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