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Year: 2016, Issue: December

Response of rainfed soybean to application of micronutrients in Vertisols.
S. K. Sharma, Vijay Pratap Singh, Narendra Chouhan and R. Sikarwar
Inorganic, Organic, Soybean, Micronutrients.
A field experiment under rainfed conditions was laid to evaluate the response of Zn, Fe, Mo and B application and also to compare the method of application of micronutrients i.e. soil and foliar application in soybean grown in Vertisols. The experiment was conducted at the research farm of College of Agriculture, Indore. The micronutrient application when applied with RDF gave the higher seed yield (2471 kg/ha-1), net return (30040 Rs/ha.) and B : C ratio (4.16) as compared to RDF (2034 kg/ha-1) without micronutrient application, FYM, 10 t ha-1 (1973 kg/ha-1), Farmers practice (1831 kg/ha-1) and control (1731 kg/ha-1) treatments. When we compared the method of micronutrient application, soil application of micro nutrient gave higher seed yield than foliar application of micronutrient. Soil and folior application of Mo along with soil application of recommended dose of NPKS enhanced chlorophylle content and nutrient uptake in soybean. In general, the application of micronutriments enhanced uptake of N, P, K, S, Zn, Fe, Mo and B in soybean when grown in Vertisols. Soil application of micronutrient was found more economical than foliar application of micro nutrient.

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