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Year: 2016, Issue: December

Integrated weed management in wheat - A review.
Md. Talib Noori, H. Patro and M. Ray
Weeds, Weed control, Crop growth, Yield of wheat, Nutrient uptake, Economics.
India has a wide range of agro climates and soil types. The highly diverse agriculture and fanning systems are beset with different types of weed problems. Weeds cause 10-80% crop yield losses besides impairing product quality and causing health and environmental hazards. Traditionally, weed control has been largely dependent on manual weeding. However, increased labour scarcity and costs are encouraging farmers to adopt labour and cost- saving options. These include herbicides whose market grew at an annual rate of 15%. Integrated weed management (IWM) is being practiced by Indian farmers, with the level of adoption varying from one farm to the other. Research on weed management in India is mostly centred on herbicide efficacy. Herbicides, applied alone or in combinations, have been regarded as essential tools in the effective management of weeds in different-ecosystems. IWM, which includes preventative, mechanical, cultural, chemical and biological methods, are advocated in crop production systems. Weed management approaches must be developed considering the threat of weeds appearance in addition to the recurrence and persistence of weeds and the need to bring down weed management costs to enhance profit for farmers while protecting the environment. An effort has been made in this investigation to identify the predominant weeds occurring with wheat crop, evaluate the effect of integrated weed management on weed control, crop growth, yield and yield attributes of wheat, nutrient uptake by weed and wheat and economics of different weed control treatments.

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