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Year: 2015, Issue: June

Agricultural growth, diversification and convergence in Chhattisgarh : a sensitivity analysis.
G. P. Namdev, P. K. Awasthi, N. K. Raghuwanshi and A. K. Khare
Crop diversification, Kharif crop, Rabi crop.
Chhattisgarh state is popularly known as rice bowl of Indian union and shared more than 4% total geographical area of the country. Agriculture is an important economic sector in the state, crop diversification is one of the several pathways of agriculture development. Chhattisgarh has congenial agro-climatic environment cultivating variety of crops but adverse nature and market condition may ruin the farmers form economy adapting specialized farming. Thus there is a need to diversify existing farming system. Keeping the above points in mind the present study is an attempt to study the extent of crop diversification and agricultural development in Chhattisgarh covering more than one and half decade periods. The pace and pattern of agricultural development in Chhattisgarh noted increase in paddy production while wheat and gram increased marginally in area and production but maize declined in production and yield. Among crop groups production of total cereals increased and total pulses was declined considerably. The maximum and minimum variability was observed in area of paddy and total cereals. Gram has noted highest growth rate and production in negative significant was observed in production and yield of maize and total pulses. Share change and overall growth rate of primary sector in the net state domestic product of Chhattisgarh at factor cost by industry of origin at current prices declined by 7.79% and 1.96% respectively. Rice appeared to be buffer crop which meet the weather stringencies on other kharif crops and in rabi crops only gram-mustard and mustard-linseed combination minimized risk the remaining crop combination in both season were positively correlated as well value of Herfindahl index was less than unity indicating bleak possibility of crop diversification. Thus, the crop productivity in the state can be increased by adopting measures of strengthening production factors, adoption and diffusion of technologies appropriate for the study area, integration of production, processing and marketing which is the core of the strategy would provide the needed incentive for the producer to adopt the modern production methods and thereby increase the production.

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