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Year: 2015, Issue: December

Seroprevalence of bluetongue diseases in small ruminants in grid region Madhya Pradesh.
Ravi Sikrodia, Santhalembi Chingtham and Varsha Sharma
Bluetongue, Sheep and goat, Seroprevalence, Madhya Pradesh.
Bluetongue disease is a noncontiguous insect transmitted viral disease of domestic and wild ruminants. Clinically affects sheep and goat while infection seen in buffalo, cattle and cheetal subclinically. The disease is characterized by high fever, respiratory distress, facial edema, lameness, oral ulceration and hemorrhage. Severity of BT is highly variable, ranging from subclinical to severe depending on virus strain and host susceptibility. The causative agent of BT has the potential for serious and rapid spread, irrespective of national borders. BTV belongs to genus Orbivirus of the family Reoviridae, consisting of ten double stranded RNA viral genome segments. Till date 25 serotypes have been identified throughout the world, out of which 21 are circulating in India. The disease has been reported from all neighboring states of M.P. Madhya Pradesh has agro-climatic condition viz. temperature, rainfall, humidity pattern etc. conducive for the propagation of Culicoides midges. A total of 440 blood samples were collected from agro-climatic zone VII of Madhya Pradesh during the study period. Out of which, species wise 210 sheep, 230 goat samples were collected. The overall prevalence of BTV antibodies were calculated to be 27.72%.

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