Year: 2016, Issue: June

Haematological profile during late pregnancy and early postpartum period in Nari Suwarna Ewes.


Mallappa Talawar, T. Veena, A. Krishnaswamy, Y. B. Rajeshwari, G. C. Puttalakshmamma, N. B. Shridhar and G. P. Kalmath


NARI suwarna, Pregnancy, Postpartum, Fecundity and Haematology.
A study was carried out to assess the influence of pregnancy and postpartum period on various haematological parameters in NARI Suwarna ewes. A total of 30 NARI Suwarna ewes, aged two to three years, were selected for the present study and were divided into five groups, with six animals in each group, based on the presence or absence of pregnancy and also based on the presence of single and multiple foetuses. From each of the selected animal about 5 ml of blood sample was collected at a time. Collected blood samples were immediately utilized for determination of various haematological parameters using automatic analyzer (Mind Ray BC 2800 Vet). Among the different haematological parameters analyzed, only haemoglobin and total leukocyte count varied significantly (P<0.05) among the different groups. The pregnant group animals showed significantly (P<0.05) lower haemoglobin concentration compared to nonpregnant group. Postpartum group animals showed significantly (P<0.05) higher TLC compared to the pregnant group animals. From the present study it was concluded that the NARI Suwarna ewes adapt to the changed physiological status during pregnancy and postpartum period as evidenced by non-significant variation in most of the haematological parameters.

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