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Year: 2016, Issue: June

Report on an innovative fishing gear used in natural water bodies in Assam.


Rinku Gogoi, Bibha Chetia Borah, Samarendra Behera, Sanjeev Kumar and Amlan Jyoti Das


The Brahmaputra, Gheko, Bambusa balcooa, Passive gear, Beel, Indigenous.
The present communication deals with a specific type of fishing gear being used for fishing in connecting channel of an open beel with river Brahmaputra in Jorhat district of Assam. The present study has been conducted in Neematighat area of Jorhat district of Assam in altitude 26�50'16''N and 94�11'33''E during May-December,2015. The trap locally known as ""Gheko"" is a triangular structure, wider at mouth and tapering to the end constructed by using different type of bamboo found locally. Different varieties of bamboo are used for construction. E.g. Bhaluka bamboo (Bambusa balcooa) for vertical poles and support (86 numbers), Jati bamboo (Bambusa tudda) for oblique posts (40 number) and Mokal bamboo (89 numbers) (Bambusa nutans) for inclined supporting posts. The bamboo structure of the trap is around 30 m long with a mouth of 3m wide that tapers in to a 1.5 m wide cone. The trap is fitted to the mouth of the connecting channel. The channel with 4-5 m width and an average 1-1.5 m depth at the site of operation. Fishing efficiency of the device sused to be varies on different seasons ranging between 30-100 kg fish/day.

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