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Year: 2015, Issue: June

Role of proteases and nitrate reductase on changes of nitrogenous substances during soibum processing.


S. Giri Singh


Bamboo shoots, Lactic acid fermentation, Crude proteins, Amino acids, Proteases, Nitrate, Nitrite.
Soibum mashes of single bamboo species were prepared from succulent shoots of Bambusa nutan (A) and Dendrocalamus latiflorus (B) by natural lactic acid fermentation. During 30th days fermentation at ambient temperature, pH drop was observed to be 5.46 to 3.72 and 5.40 to 3.67 in mashes A and B respectively. When assayed at pH 7.0, 30�C, pH 5.4, 30�C, pH 5.4, 6�C, pH 4.5, 30�C proteolytic activity of fermenting mash was found to be elaborately hiked up on 2nd day in each of the case relative to relevant 0 day activity. But as soon as incubation entered day 5, proteolytic activity in each case decreased below day 0 value. It seemed that 2-2.4 folds gain of free amino acids in 30th days old Soibum mashes was due to such early increase in proteolytic activity of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts. But crude proteins reduced during such processing. These bamboo shoots possessed 38.53-40.63 mg/100g nitrate and 12.18-16.35 mg nitrite. Decrease in the level of nitrate and nitrite was associated with the increase in the level of ammonia. But in linking with the activity of microbial nitrate reductase, there could be feeble amino acids and proteins synthesis. For each of the nitrogenous substances, extents of change in the two mashes were found to be varied.

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