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Year: 2015, Issue: December

Induced spawning in Pangasianodon hypophthalmus and hatching of eggs in three different types of hatching system at Raipur (Chhattishgarh), India.


C. S. Chaturvedi, Rashmi Ambulkar, R. K. Singh and A. K. Pandey


Induced spawning, Hatching, Hatching systems, Fingerlings, Raipur, India.
P.hypophthalmus (Sutchi catfish), one of the important riverine catfish, has great potential for freshwater aquaculture. This species, a native of Mekong river of Thailand, is highly fecund, seasonal spawner and breeds once in a year during monsoon season in flooded rivers. Males attain maturity after second years while females at the end of third year. In this species, the females were found to be larger than males. In the present experiment, 15 females and 15 males (15 sets; 1:1 sex ratio) were selected and induced bred by varying doses of pituitary gland extract (PGE) depending upon the physiological status of fishes. Male brooders were also given PGE at the time of second injection to females. Fertilization of eggs varied from 30-80%. After spawning, hatching of eggs (5 sets) was studied in circular hatchery, 5 sets in vertical jar hatchery and 5 sets in Thailand model hatchery. After incubation of fertilized eggs from vertical jar hatchery 17,30,400 hatchlings, in circular hatchery 14,08,000 hatchlings while in Thailand model hatchery, it gives 31,700 only. The hatching percentage were observed 60% in vertical jar hatchery, 50% in circular hatchery and 30% in Thailand model hatchery. After 2nd days, yolk absorption was observed and from the three types of hatcheries - 9,88,740 fry were realised from vertical jar hatchery, 7,40,000 from circular hatchery and 65,550 from Thailand model hatchery. After rearing the fry in nursery ponds for 25-30th days, 5,93,244 fingerlings from Krundh- Liey Fish Farm, 4,22,400 fingerlings from State Fisheries Farm, Raipur and 65,550 from Deepak Mandal Fish Farm (Thailand model hatchery) (total 10,81,144) were obtained paving the way for mass seed production of the commercially important catfish under agro-climatic conditions of Raipur (C.G.).

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