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Year: 2019, Issue: December

a-Amylase production by Bacullus subtilis isolate from hot spring Unkeshwar, Nanded (M.S.).
A. V. Girde
Wild Bacillus subtilis, Alkaline thermostable a-amylase.
a-amylase, a catalytic protein from moderately thermophilic bacteria, Bacillus subtilis isolated from hot spring at Unkeshwar was investigated for its kinetics, thermostability and biosynthesis in various cultivation medium. Microbiological characterization of water sample indicated numerous bacterial species belonging to the genus Bacillus which included B.cereus, B.polymyxa, B.subtilis, B.megaterium and B.macerans. Amylase production test by all isolated bacterial species was studied as an index of starch degradation. Relative level of amylase activity produced by B.subtilis (Isolate UI-3) was higher as compared to that of other bacterial isolates, since it gave maximum zone of clearance on starch agar plate. Hence B.subtilis was used for further study. Amylase production profile of B.subtilis demonstrated amylase production after 10 hours which increased exponentially up to 40 hours at which the a-amylase yield was found to be 4.2 U/ml. pH and temperature optima for a-amylase activity for isolated wild Bacillus subtilis was found to be 8.5 and 65ºC respectively. Optimum time course of reaction and optimum substrate concentration for a-amylase activity was found to be 15 minutes (3.24 U/ml) and be 4 mg/ml respectively for wild B.subtilis.

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