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Year: 2018, Issue: June

Documentation of some plants of Asteraceae used as herbal healer in Bankura district, West Bengal.
Arpita Banerjee and Arijit Sinhababu
Asteraceae, Bankura tribals, Traditional medicine.
India with its great topographic and climatic diversity has a very rich and diverse flora and fauna. Indian herbalists such as Maharshi Charaka and Sushruta worked in search of different herbal plant parts for different ailments of human body. Although there has been a rapid extension uses of allopathic medicinal treatment in India is common in rural areas but still now a days the use of different plant products is very common as the source of medicines among various tribal people particularly in the remote areas of West Bengal with few health facilities. Flora of Bankura district is one of the potential source of different traditional medicinal plants. Plant diversity of Bankura district is a boon to tribal people and it should be emphasized as the flora of this area should be conserved for the future generations and the tribal people should be encouraged for growing these medicinally important plants on a large scale for optimizing their economic conditions. Present paper documented with 26 ethno-medicinal plants of Bankura district, West Bengal, belonged to the family Asteraceae which are used for different diseases such as inflammation, cough and cold, different skin diseases, ulcers, leucoderma and leprosy. The present finding supports with further investigation on chemical and pharmacological actions to validate the claims.

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