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Year: 2017, Issue: June

Effect of housing system and protein levels on ECG production performance of commercial colour birds.
Kiran Kumar, J. K. Bhardwaj, R. P. Nema, S. S. Atkare, R. P. S. Baghel and Ravi Sikrodia
Poultry, Protein level, Housing system.
A 2X2X4 factorial design was utilized to evaluate the production performance of two type of dual purpose commercial colour birds [G (JBP Col. 50% : Kd 50%) and G (JBP Col. 75% : Kd 25%)] under diversified 1 2 housing system and dietary protein level. A total number of 192 birds, 96 birds from each genetic stocks, aged 24 weeks were utilized for present experiment and distributed in to 32 replicate subgroups. On over all basis G genotype birds 2 produced 8.63% more egg than G genotype birds and differ significantly to each other birds of both the genotype 1 showed highest egg production between 29-32th weeks of age. G birds showed superiority in egg production during 2 whole experimental period. Birds reared under deep liter housing system had produced more number of eggs throughout the period of measurement. The overall number of eggs recorded were 78.09 egg with 70.67% egg production and 84.86 eggs with 75.96% egg production respectively under cage and deep litter housing system. Higher dietary protein 18% and 20% group showed marginally decreasing number of eggs and percent egg production than the 16% dietary protein group birds.

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