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Year: 2015, Issue: December

Perception of the participating farmers about sustainability of natural resource management under integrated watershed management programme in Rewa district (M.P.)
Ashwin Rithe, Sanjay Singh and Nirmala Singh
Perception, Sustainability of natural resource management, Participating farmers.
The present investigation was carried out in Rewa district of M.P. The Participating farmers of Integrated Watershed Management Programme running since the year 2009-10 were selected for the purpose of present research work through proportionate random sampling method to make a sample of 120 respondents. Perception of participating farmers towards sustainability of natural resource management was assessed through pretested semi-structured interview schedule. The data were analyzed by using frequency percentage; mean and applying statistical test i.e. Correlation coefficient for interpretation of results. The study revealed that the perception of the participating farmers were observed in desired trends in case of aspects of sustainability viz. soil and water storage management, agriculture production, land development and soil and water conservation. It may be concluded from the above findings that the aspects entrepreneurship development and soil fertility management need to more emphasized and considered in line with the needs and interest of the farmers. It was also found that attributes of respondents namely education, family education, annual income, material possession, social participation, project benefit, decision making, economic motivation, organizational participation, training participation and local institution participation had significant relationship with perception of participating farmers about sustainability of natural resource management at 0.05 level of probability.

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